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Meet Zoe and Zac at the Zoo

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Sunday Telegraph March 1, 2020

Meet Zoe and Zac at the Zoo

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Meet Zoe and Zac at the Zoo is the first book in the gorgeous new Aussie Kids series for young readers aged 6 to 9, which celebrates the diversity of Aussie kids and families. Eight books introduce children to characters living in unique locations in every state in Australia – from a Victorian lighthouse, to an outback sheep farm in WA or a beach in Queensland.

Zoe and Zac are ‘almost twins’ who live next door to each other right inside the zoo at Dubbo in NSW. For their seventh birthday treat, Zoe’s Mum, the Head Zookeeper, is taking them on an adventure to help look after the animals. Working at the zoo is not quite what they expected, especially when they realise that something is not right with Amali the lioness.

Hi! I’m Zoe and this is Zac.
We’re so lucky we live at the zoo!
As a birthday treat, we’re helping out with the animals.
We can’t wait!

The book is inspired by a wonderful week I had as a teenager helping the vet at Dubbo Zoo, who was a close family friend. As a vet’s daughter, I loved looking after all the amazing animals from hippos, lions, giraffes, elephants to the tame three-legged wombat who hopped around the vet hospital.