Dear Belinda,

My name is Ruth, and I am 12 years old. I live in a small, cold, country town called Stanthorpe on the Queensland/New South Wales border. I have only started reading your books last month, I declare that they are the best books I have ever read! I am REALLY enjoying reading ‘The Sequin Star’. I love how you make the reader feel like they are sitting, watching the circus and laughing at the animals. This book is the first book, (out of a lot!), that has made me feel like I am the character in the book, performing, travelling and watching the circus. You are amazing person and author! I beg you, please can you write more books for us to read, they are amazing! They are like a second world from ours. I really hope that one day, I will be able to meet you and hear from you.

Have a great time writing,


I’m not quite sure how you did it Belinda, but the Lulu Bell books are the first my Miss 8 has ever read each night to herself. (and asked to do) This is a massive milestone for us. Please don’t stop! Gratefully yours


My name is Kate and I am 14 years old. I just wanted to say that I am a great fan of your work. I have almost read all of you books. I love your books so much.


Your new book sounds amazing. Mum says we can buy it as soon as it comes out. (She also reads your books because I tell her how good they are!)

I have just finished reading The Ivory Rose and River Charm. (I got some money for Christmas and spent it all on books.) I especially loved the Ivory rose and how you had Georgiana in both the past and present. The River Charm was probably my favourite because it was based on a real story.


I know all of your books are great!! I even bought the Lulu Bell books for my cousin Tilda who is turning 7 this year! I’m sure my cousin would love your books! I’m just starting to read the ruby talisman!!!”


I got The Ivory Rose for Christmas, and I am still hopeful about The River Charm. The Ivory Rose was fantastic! It was cool how the website changed after Jemma had her adventure- and how Georgiana wrote to her.


I love ur books because they send u back through time and I just love those type of books.


Dear Belinda,

I’ve read the Ivory rose lots of times and I think it would make a great film.

I got into your books when you visited my school and I think you should keep on writing because your books are really good.


“Hey Belinda! My name is Siobhan O’Neill and i’m a big fan of your books! For Christmas I got almost all your books! I already have ‘The Ivory Rose’ and ‘The Forgotten Pearl’. I got ‘The Sun Sword Trilogy’, ‘The Locket of Dreams’ and ‘The River Charm’. I’ve already finished reading ‘The Locket of Dreams’ and I thought it was brilliant!

I also finished reading ‘The Forgotten Pearl’! It was amazing! I loved the way you wrote about Poppy’s life and all the ups and downs! I couldn’t stop reading! I just had to know what happened next!

I’m now reading ‘The River Charm’ and it’s going great! I loved how you started off the book with Millie dreaming about the ghost girl with the forest in the background and the flannel flowers too! I could imagine the whole thing! Sometimes I think of it in a movie. I also want to ask, Are you planning to put your books into movies? That would be amazing! But I guess it would cost a lot of money.”


Holy Zarquon Singing Fish!!!! I just cannot wait for the sequin star to be released!!! It sounds like an absolute gem of a story and one I think I will love. The cover is one of the best yet, it’s GORGEOUS!!

I also love the scenario for this story, it tops the lot! Can’t wait!!!!!


I love all ur books. Ur a inspiration to all the kids out there. Ur the best and u rock.

Dear Belinda Murrell

Hi my name is Clare, I am 11 and I live in QLD Australia.

I have read 4 of your books and am obsessed.

My favourite book is the Forgotten Pearl. I find it very inspirational and have read it more than 3 times.

As you are my favourite author I was wondering if you would like to become my pen pal I would be greatly honoured


Please answer back

Your biggest


My name is Emmy and I am 9 years old. I love reading and would love to become an author.

I recently went on a holiday to the Northern territory with my family and I discovered your book The Forgotten Pearl. It was brilliant. We went to places that were in the book such as Myilly Point and Doctors gully. When we went to the military museum we saw stories about Iris bald and her parents. They actually did run the post office! I have recommended your book to all of my friends to read and even my mum loved it. I am going to try to read all of your books now:) My little sisters Abby and Chloe are going to read Lulu Bell too! Thank you for writing such brilliant books.


I love The River Charm..I had hoped that I would get all your other books for Christmas. My favourite bit is when Charlotte goes to Kitty’s ball


I’m sorry if I sound a little mean but GET A MOVE ON! I NEED THAT BOOK! NOW! AT ONCE! IMMEDIATELY! Sorry, I know you’re working hard and everything to get it done, but May 2014 is too long for me to wait. It sounds amazing!


My name is Ellie and I’m 13 years old. I love your books so much! I have read ‘The Forgotten Pearl’, ;The Ruby Talisman’ and ‘The Locket of Dreams’. I’m hoping to get ‘The River Charm’ and ‘The Ivory Rose’ for Christmas. They both look so exciting!


Some of my favourite parts of your stories were when:

The Forgotten Pearl- How Daisy was a Drover Boy, Tea with the Murata’s and Jack’s way of proposing.

The Ruby Talisman- The Fencing scenes, the way Tilly begged the Queen to leave, and her reflection on it afterward, how Tilly’s French improved after her adventure:) and the use of all the French phrases in the story.

The Locket of Dreams- All the Scottish stories, especially the one about Janie seeing the fairy folk, the hiding place if the Star if Serendib, The names used (Charlotte and Eleanor, they’re pretty)”

Hi my name’s Tuyen and I am ten years old. I absolutely love your books! My favourite is the Locket of Dreams and the Ruby Talisman because they were the first ones I read. I read the Locket of Dreams when i was in Grade 1 and I thought it was very good. i recommended your other books to our school library and now we’ve got everything except the Sun Sword Trilogy. I’ve read all of them except for the last one.

I wanted to say you’ve been a great inspiration to me and could you please write another book about a girl who goes back in time because I find them really interesting to read.


I have read river charm. It is a really good book. It was really gripping and it made me cry in a few places and freeze in fear in others. I like how the mother is really independent and smart and will do anything to save her children. I liked reading about your family history, that is sooo cool! I have the ‘River Charm’ and the ‘Forgotten Pearl’ and I have read the ivory locket, the ruby talisman and the locket of dreams.


I absolutely love you’re books. My favourites are ‘The Forgotten Pearl’ and ‘The ivory locket’ you have inspired me a lot and when I grow up I would like to write historical fiction. Time slip preferably.

I absolutely loved your new book I find it amazing the way that you can create books as amazing as these. I’m really looking forward to your release of the new books and will definitely be getting all of them. I wish you good luck with the books!


My name is Rameen and I’m from Australia.  I’m in grade 5 and love hanging out with friends.It feels great to write to you.

I read The River Charm, it was AWESOME. It was so interesting and mysterious. Are you going to write a sequel because I’m really desperate??!!!! I want to become an author too. You have inspired me heaps… I can’t wait to read all your other books! Which country are you from? What inspired you to write the river charm? It’s so cool you wrote a story on real people!


I am your biggest fan and I believe you should make all of your books into a movie I am sure everyone of your fans would love that.


My daughter Charlotte and I just wanted to let you know how much we love your new Lulu Bell series!

As a Mum who has spent many hours reading to my children I have to say these are definitely some of the most enjoyable to read. You have a beautiful, fresh style of writing and the stories are very age appropriate. Charlotte has a lot of trouble falling asleep at night, she gets scared and worries a lot, so it’s wonderful to be able to share a fun story together at bedtime that has no scary parts or ‘bad guys’, just a lovely family having some animal adventures. Plus it’s always nice to find a great Australian author!


The Forgotten Pearl is my alltime favourite. I read it to my mom everynight! I hope the Sequin Star will come out soon! I can’t wait till it cOMES OUT!

From your biggest fan


Dear Mrs Murrell,

I was wondering if I old give you a possible idea for a new sun sword book. So the kingdom of Tiregian hears news that Emperoer Raef is plotting a larger scaled invasion plan to seize Tiregian and Ethan, Lily, Saxon, and Roana have to stop him some way so they sail over too the land of the Sedahs to stop the plan at the source and destroy Emperoer Raef once and for all.


Your a wonderful writer. I’ve asked for your books for my birthday. I can’t wait to get them because you are my favourite author ever!!!


Hello my name is Meg and I am 14I am in love with your books they have so much detail, my favourite would be all of them!! I read your book the Ivory Rose in two days. You’re an amazing author, I am now reading the River Charm. Thanks for being an amazing author xo


I absolutely NEED The Locket of Dreams and the Ruby Talisman Now!!!:)


Hi! I am a year 5 student at St Brigid’s Primary School Gisborne. For homework this week we were asked to write a letter to someone famous who inspires us and I chose to write to you! You inspired me to do my best and always try hard. I think you’re an amazing author and person. I now have several of your books: The Quest for the Sun Gem, The Forgotten Pearl, The Locket of Dreams, The Ivory Rose and The River Charm. I love your books, they definitely are amazing!


Dear Mrs Murrell,

Will we ever hear from Ethan, Saxon, Lily and Roana again? I love The Sun Sword Trilogy. They are such good books!


I just finished The River Charm! It is added to my list of favourite books! You are the best author. It’s such a great read. I love the Atkinson Family, and all Charlotte, Emily, James and Louisa were such strong children. I missed Charley a bit when he left, and I hate Mr Barton. Did he actually in real life violently abuse the Atkinson Family? I kind of felt sorry for William Cummings, and was expecting that Charlotte would dump him. But when Charlotte met Thomas I knew they were going to get married. I was so happy that the family returned to Oldbury, but was upset that it was so ruined (I was almost crying.) I was so saddened that Louisa and Emily died. Anyway loved the books so much. I’m going to try buy ALL your book collection. River charm should TOTALLY be made into a movie, and you should win HEAPS of awards for it.


I absolutely adored the River Charm, I read it three times over


I’m a teenager that loves your books and your writing. Your fan


You are my #1 idol! Hope to read more of your fantastic books,


Dear Belinda,

We have just returned from a 6 week camping trip, driving up to Darwin and back and on the way I read The Forgotten Pearl, mainly to my 8 year old daughter but my other older children listened in too.  I just wanted to write and say how much we enjoyed it – it gave a wonderful background to visiting Darwin and the Northern Territory and described the war years in a way that we could all relate to.  I did struggle to read it aloud sometimes however as I would become too emotional!  I think being a mother of four myself, I kept getting all choked up when the family was separated and then I was a complete wreck when they reunited for Christmas.  It was also very poignant as my 13 year old went back to school to find her “group” had split up while she had been away. Not that she would admit it, but I’m sure the story of Chloe helped her work through this “crisis”.

Congratulations and I look forward to reading some of your other books in the near future.

Kind regards

Cilla C


Maybe you could come to Gunning and watch the Gunning soccer team play at the oval to meet me if you wanted too. We hope we win this game!!!!


My name is Denise, and I am 12 years old. I love reading your books. You are such an amazing author! You write so well, once I start reading one of your books I can't put it down, until I’ve finished it! You are the best author! I just love how you write stories about the past.

When I read your books I feel as if I am living during that time.

It all started last year at our school’s book fair. I purchased ‘The Forgotten Pearl’, and I read it straight away. I read it all within 2 days, it was so gripping! It was the first book I read by you and has become my favourite out of all your other books as well.

You have inspired me so much, that when I grow up I want to be an author too. Your books have taught me so much about writing.

Thank you so much

Your No.1 Fan


Hey Belinda hope you get this,

you are such an inspiration to me, I have been reading your Sun sword triolgy and its amazing i find myself up in the middle of the night reading


Dear Belinda Murrell,

Yay! I can’t believe that an author has replied to me! I will save this email so that I can keep it forever!

I have also read the book ‘The River Charm’ and I think that it is really good!!! I have bought the book and now I have another Belinda Murrell book for my bookshelf! I rate the book 10 out of 10 because I couldn’t stop reading it. I think that it is another booktastic book you have written!


Hi Belinda my name is Olivia. I love all your books. I’m reading locket of dreams as I have read every book except for the sun sword trilogy series and lulu bell. I   ❤ 📖 your books.

I’m 10 and you are my all time favourite author! you have inspired me to write time slip stories.

3 reasons I love your books

  1. they go back in time
  2. they  make you emotional
  3. they are perfect for my age

Your #1 fan


Hi Belinda my name is Aaliyah and I’m 11 years old and in year 6 I love your books so much. You are my inspiration because of you I am now writing a story for 6 7 8 year olds and I would love if you read over it when I’m finish. I just read lulu bel and the birthday unicorn and going to by the next one and ivory rose. So yeah love your books , love you and I hope I hear back from you soon bye 📖📖📝👋


Dear Belinda,

I finished the gorgeous “River Charm” and all I can say is….WOW!!!  The book was totally a wonder of a read!!!  I love the description in this book.  When that horrible drunkard, Mr Barton was mentioned, I wanted to march up to him with a very heavy saucepan and give him a run for his money.

In the chapter, “Examination” I was almost begging Charlotte to answer the questions correctly. It was heartwarming how the children never fought, I CANNOT ever imagine it ever happening here.

I absolutely loved the ending and the high schoolers in the bus must think I am completely bonkers because I was grinning from ear to ear for several days after finishing the book and I put heaps of expressions on during the trip to school. I got so mad at Barton that I kicked the metal bar under the seat and gave myself a huge bluey purple bruise and a sore lip as I bit it very hard to stop from whimpering.

L-O- V-E “The River Charm”!  It’s like a marvellous magic trick.


My name is Lillian and I am 10 years old and I love love love love the Ivory Rose!!!

I say again thank you very much!

You are an amazing writer!!



I love your book The Forgotten Pearl as it inspires me. The best part in your book is when she is awarded the pearl as she saved Sin-ju from drowning. I also love The Ivory Rose as Sammys ghost friend makes me want to read more. Your books are amazing, inspirational, wonderful, dramatic and adventurous. I wish to read your new books The River Charm and The Ruby Talisman. I hope you bring out more wonderful and delightful books.

Dear Ms. Belinda Murrell,

What a fantastic author you are! To be honest with you, you are by far the best author I have ever read. Your books make me want to just read more and more more of them! I like my books, so much, that often, I read books at lunchtime! I couldn’t believe how amazing your books where. I think the things I liked most were the time travel, and the endings. So far I have only read 3 of your books, but that is because everyone else in the library are reading them too, so I haven’t got a chance to get some of those reserved books.

So to sum it up – YOUR BOOKS ARE THE BEST. I will definitely pass on the word of how amazing you are.

Your biggest fan,

Faith - aged 10

Letters from readers