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Crack this code

In the Sun Sword Trilogy, Ethan, Lily, Saxon and Princess Roana must crack many codes and puzzles to help them win their quest. A code they use between themselves to write notes, is simply writing backwards. See if you can crack this code.

Ahsa dna Adnileb sehsiw tseb! Serutnevda yppah ynam dna gnidaer peek. Koob wen ym tuoba dna, ygolirt drows nus eht tuoba erom gnidaer yojne uoy epoh i. etisbew ym ot emoclew.

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Sedah Code

Can you crack the Sedah code? The Sedahs substitute numbers for letters of the alphabet. But A is not 1. That would be too easy. See if you can crack this Sedah note.

22 10 2 3 14 1.   

23 1 13 14 1 2   15 4 21 15 18 21 21 14 13.    12 18 16 10 1 2

6 18 3 17   24 23 3 14.    21 4 24 10 1  22 23 3 17    2 3 10 1 2  

23 24   2 14 10   13 1 10 16 23 24   3 6 23   13 10 8 2.  

21 10 9 21 10 12

Hint Emperor Raef, has the first letter of his name as number 1.

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The Broomstick Code

In The Voyage of the Owl, Cookie sends her brother a coded note which reads:













It can only be read if you curl the note around the same sized broomstick, so the letters line up in the same order to make sense. Try this yourself. Cut a long, thin strip of paper and curl it around a broomstick or pencil, so that the paper forms a continuous sheath down the broomstick. Write a note along the paper. When you uncurl the paper, the letters form a series of meaningless letters. However if your friend uses the same sized pencil or broomstick, they can wrap the paper around and read your note.

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Secret Writing

Everyone knows you can make invisible ink using lemon juice on paper, but in The Snowy Tower, Albert Drummond writes a secret note on a boiled egg, using alum and vinegar. The ink is invisible on the outside shell, but when you peel the shell away, the note is revealed on the surface of the boiled egg.

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Trivia Quizz

1. Which character in the Sun Sword Trilogy is based on a real, live member of my family?

 2. Who was the first children's author to be published in Australia?

 3. Where did I get the names for some of my characters such as Emperor Raef, the Sedahs and their religion Krad?

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