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The Forgotten Pearl
The Locket of Dreams

' is the best book I ever read...' - Caitlin

'I love your book The Locket of Dreams..I love it so much...' Anna

'Locket of Dreams is the best book ever..' Elly

'I love Locket of Dreams - I have read it about five times.'  - Gabi

"The book was excellent! It was one of the best books I've ever read." Venice, 9

"I couldn't put it down because I had to find out what happens next. I have two words: Love it!" Lauren, 11

The Sun Sword Trilogy

'I love the Sun Sword Trilogy and I nearly bumped into a tree reading the Voyage of the Owl. I would like to make a film of Sun Sword....All I can do is dream about the adventures of Sun Sword..' .- Vanessa

‘Absolutely brilliant! It was one of the best books I've read. I would definitely recommend it to others, it's really, really, really FANTASTIC!!! Lily was my favourite character because she was so laid back about things, even really, really, really bad things!' Melissa, age 10.

‘I loved reading this book, it was so exciting I wished the book would just keep going.' Hannah, age 11,

‘This story was a great read, the suspense and mystery of what was going to happen next made it "unputdownable"' William, age 12,

‘This book was very, very good ... This book was a cross between Lord of the Rings and Deltora Quest and Ranger's Apprentice. Jam packed with action and thrills, this book is great!!. I rate 9/10 for this great novel!! Amara age 11,

‘This story was extremely good. I couldn't put the book down. I liked the part when Lily and Ethan tried to find the prisoners that had been captured by Captain Foulash and his men.' Natasha, age 9,

‘It was really good. A good choice of characters, and a good idea for a quest. Can't wait for the next book.' Paris, age 10,

‘I found it to be a wonderful book. The Quest for the Sun Gem enthralled me... with the characters bravery, courage and determination, which kept me immersed in the book. 10/10 stars' Gaby, aged 12

This is a fantastic book that lets you enter a magical world full of strange creatures. The Sun Sword Trilogy.. is a fantastic book packed with suspense and never with a dull moment.' Kaarina, 12

Belinda Murrell and The Sun Sword Trilogy

by Kate Forsyth (author of The Chain of Charm series)

Never before have I been so thrilled and excited by a new children's fantasy adventure series. I read it with intense joy, loved every word of it, and turned the last page in the last book with a choke in my throat and tears stinging my eyes ...

Perhaps I should explain that Belinda Murrell is my sister (two years older than me) and that her trilogy is the culmination of a lifelong dream of both of ours (when we were little kids we used to make-up imaginary games, act them out and write them down together, both convinced we would one day be great and famous writers).

It is impossible for me to write a review of her books without the most passionate and particular bias. So I've given that task to my nine-year-old son. Although he too must have some familial bias, he is also as ruthlessly honest as only a nine-year-old can be. So here is the first ever review from Ben Forsyth:

Belinda Murrell, The Snowy Tower (Random House, $14.95)

Belinda Murrell is a fantastic author! The Snowy Tower is her third book in her trilogy ‘The Sun Sword'. It's about four children - two boys named Ethan and Saxon and two girls named Lily and Princess Roana - who are on a quest to defeat the Sedahs, save Prince Casper, and find the Sun Sword! They have climbed mountains, battled snow lions, raced down mountains on tea trays, poisoned Sedahs, and saved the land of Tira. I really liked this book because it's full of adventure and pirates and rebels and horses! It's all completely action-jammed and fun!

I'm only nine so I think this is totally cool and I wish I could be in it! And Belinda is my auntie so I got The Snowy Tower days before anyone else.

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