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The Ruby Talisman

THE RUBY TALISMAN possesses all the hallmarks of a classic adventure novel. The action is fast-paced, the characters gutsy, the settings enticing and the danger ever present. Through the many twists and turns, Murrell never loses sight of her aims to entertain and enthrall. Highly recommended for ages nine and above.' Aleesah Darlison, THE SUN HERALD

'Belinda Murrell has certainly done her homework. The story is jam-packed with facts about the French Revolution and life of the times ... This book should be enjoyed by girls in their early teens.' Carole Poustie, MAGPIES

In this finely researched, timeslip historical adventure Murrell  brings the period of the French Revolution, its colour and brutality, vividly to life. And there's nothing like living through harder times to gain some insight into what and who in your life you value most. Highly recommended 12+ Reading Time Vol 54 no 3

'A gripping thrill ride ... Mix together a collection of French vocab, a cast of loveable characters, a dash of history, several dangerous encounters and some time travelling adventure, and you have Belinda Murrell's THE RUBY TALISMAN. This novel was a joy to read, as it takes you on a journey to the past.' SASSISAM BLOG


The Locket of Dreams

Review by Deborah Abela on James Valentine afternoon program 702 ABC Radio
Monday April 20, 2009

Age 8+ Fiction

When Sophie falls asleep wearing a locket that belonged to her great, great, great grandmother, Charlotte Mackenzie, she is transported back to 1858. She enters this world as if she were a ghost. Flying over fields, lochs and the beautiful grounds of her ancestors. Sophie watches over Charlotte as a child, spending blissful days with her family, until misfortune strikes twice and a selfish uncle and aunt make a decision that will see Charlotte taken away from everything she ever loved.

This is a well-told story that evokes the rugged beauty of both Scotland and outback Australia in the 1850's. With each visit to the past, Sophie and the reader are drawn further into the unfolding mystery of Charlotte's life.   

Magpies July 2009

...Stylistically this is a well written work, descriptions are clear, the pacing is good as events unfold .. andd there are some understated parallels between the life events of the distant ancestors and the modern girl.  It is a very accessible work that should have strong appeal to many girls...

Sun Sword: The Quest for the Sun Gem

Sea monsters, prophecies, puzzles and plenty of handsome steeds make up this thrilling fantasy story aimed at 12s and under. When the royal hunt is ambushed, King Radnor is killed and Queen Ashana and young Prince Caspar are held by evil Emperor Raef ‘Ruler of the Sedah'. Four children - Ethan, Lily, Saxon and Roana, band together to reclaim the Sun Sword, save their village and free those unlawfully imprisoned. A galloping, satisfying read.
- Frances Atkinson, Sunday Age, 16/7/2006

For younger readers, fantasy reigns, with The Quest for the Sun Gem, the first book in the Sun Sword Trilogy - a cross between The Lord of the Rings, Deltora Quest and Ranger's Apprentice according to one school aged fan.
- Australian Bookseller and Publisher, July 2006

 The Quest for the Sun Gem is a novel filled with excitement as you join Ethan, Lily, Saxon and Princess Roana on a daring quest to find the Sun Gem and restore peace to their world.

This novel for ages ten and up is filled with suspense and will keep the reader guessing. It is filled with action and never has a dull moment as it allows you to enter a magical world filled with strange creatures and fun characters.
- Jess Whiting,

 The Quest for the Sun Gem (Random House)
This is the first book in the a quest for the Sun Sword, symbol of the Royal Family of Tira, which has been ruthlessly invaded by the Sedahs. The future of the Tiregians is in the hands of four children, including the transformed Princess Roana, and their dog. Together they survive some brutal moments, many close calls, and some exhausting and daring escapades, in their quest to recover the Sun Gem and make the Sun Sword whole again.

Their attempts include meeting a range of friends, enemies, sea monsters, and occasional brief secret reunions with their imprisoned parents and Queen. The story reads easily, and most of the characters are believable. There is sufficient suspense, mystery and action to keep young readers interested until the ‘end', and it is suitable for readers ten years and older. Book 2 Voyage of the Owl is coming soon! JH
Reading Time, Vol 50 No 4

Fantasy, quest and adventure book fans will love The Quest for the Sun Gem by Belinda Murrell... This books is such an action packed adventure filled with marvelous twists...I really like the way Belinda Murrell  is not afraid to use lovely vocabulary and her descriptions of clothes and scenery really bring this rollick story to life

Momo - Celebrating Time to Read, Teacher Librarian Blog


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