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Hurray!! Belinda has a new book in her time slip series called The Lost Sapphire.

The Lost Sapphire

What is the fascinating secret of a long-lost sapphire ring?

Marli is staying with her dad in Melbourne, and missing her friends. Then she discovers a mystery - a crumbling, abandoned mansion is to be returned to her family after ninety years. Marli sneaks into the locked garden to explore, and meets Luca, a boy who has his own connection to Riversleigh. A peacock hatbox, an antique camera and a key on a velvet ribbon provide clues to what happened long ago . . .

In 1922, Violet is fifteen. Her life is one of privilege, with boating parties, picnics and extravagant balls. An army of servants looks after the family - including new chauffeur Nikolai Petrovich, a young Russian émigré. Over one summer, Violet must decide what is important to her. Who will her sister choose to marry? What will Violet learn about Melbourne's slums as she defies her father's orders to help a friend? And what breathtaking secret is Nikolai hiding? Violet is determined to control her future. But what will be the price of her rebellion?

"The Lost Sapphire is a fascinating and wonderful historical book.... The intertwining of the lives of the characters in this story is fabulous ..."  Lamont Book of the Month, May 2016

The Lost Sapphire..."is fascinating and engaging and will undoubtedly be as hugely popular as the other titles in this wonderful ‘time slip' series...Highly recommended." Oz Reviews

Lulu Bell News!! There are 13 Lulu Bell books out now and the books have been translated into Turkish, Afrikaans and Portuguese!

The Lulu Bell series - written for younger kids (6 to 9) years old, is about a girl called Lulu growing up in a vet hospital so there are many adventures involving family, friends and lots of lovely animals. Some of the stories were inspired by my own childhood growing up in a vet hospital and living with so many gorgeous pets. Two new collection books have been released  - Lulu Bell's Amazing Animal Adventures and Lulu Bell's Fantastic Holiday Fun.

Lulu Bell is "a wonderful junior reader. Murrell writes with a warmth that immediately draws the reader in..." Books + Publishing, June 2013

Teachers might like to check out this on-line magazine packed full of teachers activities and resources

Watch the video interviews about the inspiration behind Lulu Bell and The River Charm:

Hot News Lulu Bell has been nominated for Environmental Children's Book of the Year Award, while The Forgotten Pearl  was shortlisted in the 2016  KOALA and YABBA awards. Belinda's books have been shortlisted for the KOALA awards six years in a row!! Belinda has been shortlisted for various awards including the  2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011 KOALA, YABBA, COOL, and KROC awards and 2010 and 2014 WAYBRA awards, highly commended in the Prime Minister's Literary Award,and a CBCA Notable Book for 2012. Click on the link to read the latest Sun Herald article about Belinda Murrell.

Current Releases Book Reviews

Quest for the Sun GemThe Quest for the Sun Gem

After their village is attacked, a young brother and sister set off on a dangerous quest to save their captured family and friends - and free their land from the Sedah invaders. Where have the Sun Sword and its magical gems been hidden? more +

Voyage of the OwlThe Voyage of the Owl

Ethan, Lily, Saxon and Roana have cracked the code, only to find that the Moon Pearl is being sent by ship to the land of the invaders. The four children must give chase to save the precious stone! more +


Snowy TowerThe Snowy Tower

Even with the Sun Gem and the Moon Pearl safe, the quest is far from over. Lord Lazlac is planning to marry Queen Ashana, and the queen cannot rebel when Prince Caspar is being held captive in the snow-covered mountains to the north. more +

The Locket of Dreams

Sophie discovers a golden locket, in an old treasure box which belonged to her grandmother's grandmother, Charlotte Mackenzie. When Sophie falls asleep wearing the locket, she magically travels back in time to 1858 in Scotland to learn the truth about the mysterious Charlotte Mackenzie. more +

Ivory RoseThe Ivory Rose

Jemma has just landed her first job, babysitting Sammy. It's in Rosethorne, one of the famous witches' houses near where she lives. Sammy says the house is haunted by a sad little girl, but Jemma doesn't know what to believe. One day when the two girls are playing hide and seek, Jemma discovers a rose charm made of ivory. As she touches the charm she sees a terrifying flashback. Is it the moment the ghost was murdered? Jemma runs for her life, falling down the stairs and tumbling into unconsciousness. She wakes up in 1895, unable to get home. Jemma becomes an apprentice maidservant at Rosethorne - but all is not well in the grand house. Young heiress Georgiana is constantly sick. Jemma begins to suspect Georgiana is being poisoned, but who would poison her, and why? Jemma must find the proof in order to rescue her friend - before time runs out.

The Forgotten Pearl by Belinda Murrell

When Chloe visits her grandmother, it unleashes a flood of memories, not discussed for seventy years. Chloe could never have imagined how close the second world war came to destroying her own family so many years ago. Could the experiences of another time help Chloe to face her own problems?

In 1941, Darwin is a remote outpost in the far north of Australia - a peaceful paradise far from the war. Poppy is a mischievous, fun-loving girl, with a menagerie of unusual pets. Her life seems perfect but when Japan attacks Pearl Harbour, then Australia, Poppy's world is torn apart. Everything she holds dear is threatened - her family, her neighbours and her friends Jack and Maude. Her brother Edward is taken prisoner-of-war. Her home town becomes a war zone, as the Japanese raid over and over again, on their relentless march south. Australia is under the looming threat of invasion.

Terrified for their lives, Poppy and her mother flee to safety in Sydney, only to find the danger follows them there. Poppy must face her war with courage and determination.

Will Poppy and her family survive the war? Where is the forgotten pearl? Will her world ever be the same again?

The forgotten pearl is the key to entering another thrilling adventure from Belinda Murrell, author of The Ivory Rose, The Ruby Talisman and The Locket of Dreams.

A river pebble on a charm bracelet has an astonishing true story to tell,  of one family's bravery and survival in harsh colonial Australia . . .

When artistic Millie visits a long-lost aunt, she learns the true story of her  family's tragic past. Could the mysterious ghost girl Millie has painted be  her own ancestor?

In 1839, Charlotte Atkinson lives at Oldbury, a gracious estate in the  Australian bush, with her Mamma and her sisters and brother. But after  the death of Charlotte's father, things start to go terribly wrong. There are  murderous convicts and marauding bushrangers. Worst of all, Charlotte's new stepfather is cruel and unpredictable.

Frightened for their lives, the family flees on horseback to a stockman's hut in the wilderness. Charlotte's mother and the children must fight to save their property, their independence and their very right to be a family. Will they ever return together to their beautiful home?

Based on the incredible true-life battles of Belinda Murrell's own ancestors, one of Australia's early artistic and literary families, the Atkinsons of Oldbury.




Forgotten Pearl

The Forgotten Pearl - ‘This colourful, deeply moving saga of Poppy's family is an utterly enthralling tale with warm, well-rounded characters forging their difficult lives in this entertainingly executed tale. Forgive the cliché, but this is a "terrific yarn" for middle school readers.' Russ Merrin, Magpies, May 2012

The characters in the story almost felt like my best friends the way you described them and expressed their feelings just blew me away! - Elysia, 12


The River Charm was reviewed on Victorian ABC Radio by Sarah Mayor-Cox, lecturer in Children's Literature at La Trobe University.... "really love this story. The characters are just delightful. The kids are so well-drawn. It's very like Seven Little Australians.....

"The River  Charm is ..."a story of hope, strength and courage and the determination to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds..this convincing book is honest and realistic in depicting life in colonial Australia with all its beauty and difficulty.." Magpies May 2013



THE RUBY TALISMAN possesses all the hallmarks of a classic adventure novel. The action is fast-paced, the characters gutsy, the

settings enticing and the danger ever present. Through the many twists and turns, Murrell never loses sight of her aims to entertain and enthrall. Highly recommended for ages nine and above.' Aleesah Darlison, THE SUN HERALD

'Belinda Murrell has certainly done her homework. The story is jam-packed with facts about the French Revolution and life of the times ... This book should be enjoyed by girls in their early teens.' Carole Poustie, MAGPIES In this finely researched, timeslip historical adventure Murrell  brings the period of the French Revolution, its colour and brutality, vividly to life. And there's nothing like living through harder times to gain some insight into what and who in your life you value most. Highly recommended 12+ Reading Time Vol 54 no 3

'A gripping thrill ride ... Mix together a collection of French vocab, a cast of loveable characters, a dash of history, several dangerous encounters and some time travelling adventure, and you have Belinda Murrell's THE RUBY TALISMAN. This novel was a joy to read, as it takes you on a journey to the past.' SASSISAM BLOG'This book is a real page turner. THE RUBY TALISMAN is another excellent time-slip story from Belinda Murrell.'


Locket of Dreams ' is the best book I ever read...' - Caitlin

'I love your book The Locket of Dreams..I love it so much...' Anna

'Locket of Dreams is the best book ever..' Elly

'I love Locket of Dreams - I have read it about five times.'  - Gabi

Belinda Murrell
Belinda Murrell
Belinda Murrell is a bestselling, internationally published children’s author with a legion of loyal fans and a history of writing in her family that spans over 200 years. After studying Literature at Macquarie University, Belinda worked as a travel journalist, editor and technical writer. A few years ago, she began writing stories for her own three children – Nick, Emily and Lachlan. Her 27 books include The Sun Sword fantasy trilogy as well as the popular Lulu Bell series for younger readers. She is also known for her collection of timeslip tales including The Lost Sapphire, The Sequin Star, The River Charm, The Locket of Dreams, The Forgotten Pearl, The Ruby Talisman and The Ivory Rose, which have been recognised by various awards, including Honour Book KOALAS 2013, shortlisted KOALAS 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, and 2011, CBCA Notable List and highly commended in the PM’s Literary Awards.
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