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book book extractThe Quest for the Sun Gem

‘Five travellers true, a treacherous journey to take
A princeling to save, a kingdom at stake,
Fire, plague, sea and snow must test,
To the ends of the land they make their quest,
To fetch sun and moon and blade
so the bright magic is whole again made.
The sun is dimmed under Tira to seek
The blade is hidden in the caverns deep,
The moon and stars under sea lost their power.
The princeling imprisoned in a snowy tower.
When all is done the five may rest
When ice is conquered to win their quest.'

After their village is attacked, a young brother and sister set off on a dangerous quest to save their captured family and friends - and free their land from the Sedah invaders. Where are Ethan and Lily's parents being held? And where have the Sun Sword and its magical gems been hidden?

Joined by their friend Saxon and the determined Princess Roana, Ethan and Lily must solve puzzles and riddles, escape legendary sea monsters and outwit bandits along the way. But the greatest threat to the children is the sinister Sedah tracker, Sniffer, who is close on their trail ...

Can the four friends find the Sun Gem - before the Sedah can find them?

The Sun Sword Trilogy is also available on-line from


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